Herzlich willkommen. Welcome. Bienvenue.

In the Hotel Park Villa

Come in, and be a guest in this unique Hotel Park Villa.

Business, private, with the whole family or a club.
Enjoy and dream, take in the scent of the past.
Indulge yourself in the stylish rooms and suites.
Start your day with our widely known breakfast.
Enjoy our delicious meals and drinks, concentrate on yourself, your friends –
All of this is still possible in the legendary Park Villa.

Follow us on a short tour through our house. This way you can get to know us and our facilities and take your time to choose what fits you best.

Legendary castle-like bar: Stance and seating possibilities
Restaurant seats: 40
Garden / patio: about 30
Number of rooms: 25
Tennis: Own tennis court with foldable roof
Off days: None
Management: Max Schlumpf


Eat & Drink