Sightseeing in Schaffhausen

Schaffhausens tourism organization is the offical place to get infomration of what to do in and around Schaffhausen.

However, below we would like to shortly describe the most significant sights.

Historic city center

Schaffhausen is a medevial city featuring a well-preserved center. Youll find various shopping possibilities, museums and restaurants. This center is a comfortable 3 minutes walk from our hotel away.


There are hints, that the citizens of Schaffhausen did not only build the Munot as a fort but also for representation purposes. However, after its completion doubts existed if it withstands the effective artillery fire.

In the beginning of the 19th century the fort lost all of its significance. The Munot disintegrated and became a quarry. However from 1826 Johann Kakob Beck stood up in order to save the Munot and founded the Munot association in 1839.

Rheinfall (Waterfalls)

The Rheinfall is europes largest waterfall and is located in Neuhausen, a community next to Schaffhausen. It is 3km away from the hotel and can be easily reached through the recreational park in the direction of the river flow, by public transportation or car.